Friday, 30 October 2015

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Last week we did athletics we did five activity's four of them were to see if we were in the top 4 in our age group I didn't make it in for anything because 1 I had a wart on my toe so I couldn't run as fast as I could and I couldn't do long jump properly because I had the wart on my toe but I was so close to make it in for soft ball throw and I didn't want to jump on my right foot which had my wart on so I failed the jump on high jump it was all because of my wart.

when I went in my age group We went to the games area we played dogeball and octopus that was booring then we went to sprints I got in the semi final but not ing the final then we went to lunch after lunch we did softball throw I came 7 but not in the final that was sad then we went to long jump I did so bad because of my wart then we did high jump I jumped on my left foot because my right foot had my wart on it so I jumped on my left foot but i am a right footer so I failed the jump after that we went to our class and that was the end of the day.

Bias and non Bias


Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

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                      I found this easy because I have already learnt fact or opinion

Term 4 Week 2

Good morning everybody to my blog so on the weekends went to a mans house the mans name was called rob Harley he was in hospital about 2 weeks ago his liver was disintegrating basically but he survived the Doctor said its a 0 out of 3 but he survived and he was at his house alone but then we came when we were there we had lunch I had two bread rolls.

after  I had lunch I played on my mums Ipad because my mum and dad where talking about boring stuff with Rob so I played on her Ipad after that we went down to the beach and played in the sand dunes then we went to Phil's Ice cream and had a frozen yogurt ice cream it was yummy and I was glade I put it in my tummy after we went to Phil's ice cream I went to an audition for chocolate.

after the audition we went up and picked a couch up for my room because I am having a room makeover when we got home we put my couch into my bedroom then we ate dinner and went to bed the end.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1 2015

Hello there in the holidays I went somewhere over the seas with my brother and mum and we went to ... New south Whales we landed at Sydney airport. After we went through all the security presages we went on a double Decker Train to Nowra you might be thinking why I'm going to such a strange place but I went there because my auntie and uncle and cousins live there when we got off the 3 hour train trip we meet my auntie at the train station then we hoped in her car and drove off to my aunties house when we got there I meet my 2 year old cousin and 0 year old cousin and my uncle I was so excited to be there it was my first time seeing there house when we got inside my two year old cousin showed me all of here stuff was so hilarious that's what she did for most of the day when it was dinner we had homemade Pizza after dinner we feed there massive dog dinner then I went to bed.

In the morning I got woken up by my cousin jumping on the bed when I was eating breakfast I dropped my boll and my cereal was everywhere it was so annoying after I got dressed and all that stuff we went to the beach and played with our cousins then we got ice blocks from the dairy and went home after that then we did all the stuff you do when its dinner time and then we went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and had breakfast and then watched TV then my uncles brother came with loads of board games then we played 5 board games the reason why I'm not telling you the names is because I don't remember there names so then we had dinner feed the dog and went to bed In the morning it was my cousins birthday she was turning one then she opened here presents and she got all this nice stuff after we had breakfast we went to the zoo we saw gorillas, lions, Pigmy's, cheetah, tiger gibbons deer's emperor monkey, and so much more then we went home and played board games and had dinner and watch TV.

The morning after that we went to jump I did a somersault and landed on it and I jumped in the foam pit lots of times and had food then we went home and saw where my uncle works he works at a military base he is apart of the navy then we went home and had dinner and played board game and watch TV.

The morning after that morning we went to see PIXELS it was so cool after that we went home and played a board game watched TV and had dinner and feed the dog then we went to bed.

In the morning we took my older cousin to the movies and watch this boring kiddie movie but she enjoyed it allot then we went home and watched TV and played with my cousin then we went to bed and feed the dog.

The last day was today we left the house and went to the train station to go to the airport when we got to Sydney we went to the lint Cafe we went to the tower and we went to the apple store where my brother bought the new wireless beats headphones then we went to the airport and went to New Zealand.