Friday, 18 September 2015

Term 3 Week 9 Maths

                             My reflection

I found this hard because when I got up to the right corner I got one thing wrong and it got lots of gaps my next step is to draw it without doing one mistake so I get it perfect.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kensukes Kingdom Chapter 5 Term 3 Week 8

                                                 My reflection
I found this easy because I used my inference skills to try to work out some of these questions My next step is to think more carefully so I get a bit closer.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Term 3 Week 7 3/9/15

                                                       My Reflection
I found this easy because I already new what faces where, corners and edges where so it was easy my next step is to probably check to make sure if I got it right or not.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Term 3 week 7 2015 2.9.15

On Monday Afternoon we walked over to the auditorium to see the Kapa Haka People Perform and Lendon park Perform For the whole school my friend Deshontayne was Performing I new he was nerves because he was going to do A Mihi in front of 600 people when they where about to start Mr Matua Fiensa said this going to be a dress rahusle and we will also be able to see lendon park perform.

Firstly when The kapa Haka got start they started with a song that was called te whenua after that they did a Haka what they did was they where jumping up and down and doing criss crossing with rakow sticks after that My friend Dee was about to do his Mihi because he was doing the Mihi he was wearing a Korowai when he came out and he did his Mihi everyone clapped I was Astonished that he remembered all of those Maori words.

Secondly when he finished Oliver, Jade and Yr 6 Jade said a Maori speech to lead the boys into a Haka when they started they did all these actions Than at the end they went under peoples legs and did the Pukana it was funny because Moriora was smiling with his tongue out after that everyone clapped.

Thirdly they did another Haka they did cool actions and stuff I cant remember all of it but at the end they didn't do a pukana they just said he I think.

After that the Kapa Haka group swapped with lendon perk when lendon park where ready they sang a few songs I don't know what songs they where tho after that I little boy did a Mihi when he did it he did it really Loud than they sang another song when they sang they did so loud as loud as a Wombat but I don't even know if a wombat is loud doesn't mater you get the idea.

After that They did a Haka when they did it it was so Loud I when seriosly loud like I could hear it from the field loud it wasn't very scary tho when they where nere the end of the haka one of the kids doing the haka yowled like a Bush baby and a bush baby loud man they are very loud now.

Finally when they nearly finished they sang one more song than The end... I was so tied after that I was in the auditorium for so long when they finished every body clapped when they finished and sate down when I sore Dee I put my Thumbs up and that when He did Well I reckon lendon park Where louder but Elm park had more actions and more enthusiastic and preformed better