Thursday, 28 August 2014

LI: I am learning to use the rounding and compensating strategy.

Learning to retell a story.

WALT: retell a story. 

This is about the story 'The Lonely Tiger' by Tatiana Sharpe. I tried to retell the story using Puppet Pals. My characters are the troll, myself, my dojo minion, Harold, and Kahlan's bag. My favourite part was setting up the people and taking photos and putting different bodies onto the photos. I am proud of how similar my retell was to the story. My next step with retelling is to use character traits to make it more like the story.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Using different language features.

I use different language features in my writing so people go wow and want to read my story. For my story about my lava lamp. I used onomatopoeia to make my story more interesting. 
I thought it was hard because it was hard to remember what I did 
my next step is to make it more interesting.  

Learning to use a interesting hook.

Learning about character traits.

We have been learning about character traits. This is my poster of the crocodile from 'the crocodile in the library' by Margaret Mahy. 

I found this activity easy because I had all of these ideas already. It was fun being able to make a poster. I am proud of the different fonts that I used. My next step with character traits is to add a little bit more detail to the way I describe characters.