Friday, 31 July 2015

Year 4 Term 3 Week 2

On Thursday we did Cross Country we did it around all these houses and tree's I went around twice and did it in 15 . 2 seconds I wanted to do 3 laps but I wasn't allowed to.

First we walked to the shad area and talked whats going to happen we stade behind because we were getting times we I went I didn't really know were to go I just followed the people who did know I was quite anxios because I didn't want to do badly we went down to the bridge than we went up a little path way than we crossed the road to the area we were going to run than we were off.

When I was running I meat up with Nathan Ruhi and talked when we were running than I stopped to have a breath when I nearly did one lap when I meat up With Nathan again Nathan said "are you doing your second lap" and I said " No i'm not " but than Nathan said " You are doing your second lap because your past the !st Lap and I was like "oh" Onto my second lap.

On my second lap I was so exsoursted I was really tired and my throat was really hurting most of the time I stoped every like 2 minutes to have a deep breath but I was still so exsoursted I know that that was the most retiring run if done at school That was so exsoursted oh my gosh that was exsoursting Next Paragraph.

When I was nearly  finished my 2nd lap going to do my 3rd I went strate past the third lap but Mrs walker said Boy stop come here and don't do a 3rd lap and I was Bumed so Bumed Nooooooooo I said in my little brain Nooooooooooooo I was pretty annoyed but not many people did so it didn't matter that much but my time would be better than I ran on the road to the cool mine walk way dashed through every one that I stopped I saw People fighting Oh I said in my little head but I kept running and running
Next Paragraph.

When I got back to the shade area I stopped than I heard Mrs Melville saying come than I saw Daniel than I ran as fast as I could But I got the same time I don't care that much Because He didn't beat me my time was 15 Mins And 2 Secs By the way short is faster that's why I did Mins And Secs Kay back on Task Um what was I going to say oh ya um what no what ya what no ya I don't know what know I remember um Mrs Melville said Well done Micah I did pretty well for a year 4 doing 2 laps The END.

Features Of A Explanation



                                                         MY REFLECTION
I Was Learning about the features of an explanation . I learnt by reading information on a slideshow and then doing a quiz. I got 9 out of 10 right. I though the quiz was easy because the wrong options where obviously the wrong option My next step is to use what I've learnt when I write explanations.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Mahatma Gandhi Quote - Poster

                                                                            MY REFLECTION
                                                         I am Learning to Create Well-Designed Poster
                                                 I Think I meat the Criteria because I think it's laid out well.
 My Next Step Is to Think More Of the background because the poster isn't really saying the message in the                                                                                     Quote.